Brandon Kittle, Pastor

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Lay Leader					       Allen Dillard
Accompanists					    Worship Band

Entering Into Fellowship
(Note * This symbol means all rise)
*Hug & Howdy Time
Entering Into Worship
	“Your Grace is Enough”				     on screen

	“Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”		     on screen

	“In The Garden”			vs. 1, 3		 541

	“Between Two Thieves”				     on screen

	“O How He Loves You and Me”			     on screen

Entering Into Communion/Prayer Time
Prayer and Praise Moment				 Lay Leader
Offering						 Lay Leader
Communion Meditation					 Lay Leader
Communion Prayer					            Elder
Communion Service				            Congregation
(Communion is open to all baptized believers in Jesus)
Table Communion				            Table Servers

Children (Pre-K thru 3rd) are dismissed

Proclaiming the Good News
Message					          Brandon Kittle

Invitation					          Brandon Kittle
	“Take Me In”				                   on screen

Departing To Serve
*Closing Comments/Announcements		         Brandon Kittle
	“Awesome God”					    on screen


Today’s Usher: 	Dwight Majors & Shannon Pack
Today’s Elders:	Jim Lambert & Dwight Majors
Today’s Deacons/Server:	Shannon./Lionel/Stacy/
Today’s Greeters:	Jack & Lola Faye Long
Today`s Nursery:	Gayla Coats & Peyton Lambert
Today`s Children Church (Pre-K-3):	Gelinda Lambert

Next Week’s Lay Leader:		Larry Wooten
Next Week’s Greeters:	Dwight & Sue Ellen Majors
Next Week’s Nursery:	Julie Homier & Lela Harp
Next Week’s Children Church (Pre-K-3): 

Don’t forget about the Concert Tuesday Night at the First Baptist Church:  Mitch McVicker and Blake & Jenna Bolerjack.  This is a fundraiser for the Hinton Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry.  It begins at 7pm.  VIP tickets include special seating and appetizers.

Also, Saturday night is the community concert by Frankie Valens @ 7pm.  Please bring a finger food to share with everyone after the concert.
Sunday, October 22:
	8:30 a.m.			Breakfast
	9:30 a.m.			Sunday School
	10:30 a.m.		Morning Worship
12:00 p.m.	Single’s luncheon
	Evening			Small Groups

Tuesday, October 24th:	Mitch McVicker and Blake and Jenna Bolerjack in concert.  This is a fundraiser for the Hinton Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry.  The concert will start at 7pm at the First Baptist Church.  See Brandon to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, October 25th:	6:00 p.m.  Adult Bible Study; N.K.O.T.B. (Pre-K-5); FUSION Youth Group (6-12)

Saturday, October 28th:	7:00 p.m.  Frankie Valens Community Concert @ Hinton FCC
Upcoming Events:
*We are in need of nursery workers, lay leaders, song leaders and children church leaders.  If you would like to help with any of these or with any other part of the service, please see an elder.
*Sunday, October 29th:	Frankie Valens Church Concert @ 10:30am and Fall Festival in Red Rock @ 4pm.  Bring hot dogs and buns for you family.  There will be a pumpkin decorating contest (bring it already decorated).  There is a sign-up sheet for other food items.
Visitor/Prayer Request Card
(Please tear off and place in offering tray)
Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone: (______) ____________-__________________________________

Prayer Request:
October 23 – October 29

Current Concerns:

Alex Butterfield
Allen Klein
Amanda Miller
Andrew Majors
Art and Bernice Coats
Ashley Colbert
Brad, Julie, Brayden, Braxton Homier
Brian High
Cade Boles Family
Catlin Family
Carla Reed
Chesney Broughton
Dale Scott
Danny Taylor
Darrel Brooks, Jr. & Sr.
David Mitchell
David Waveaday
Donna Wright
Hurricane & Wildfire Victims
Jacob Kendell & Family
Jack & Sue Smith
Jami Boling
Jeff & Donna Long
Jim McCumber
Kevin Kendall
Kittie Dathomas
Kylan Mogg
Lillie Lerma
Lola Faye Long
Mariah Driskell
Mary Murray
Matthew Giesbrecht
McCord Smith
Melodie Carr
Michael Hatter
Mike & Cathy Allen
Pam Kokajon
Pat Bohn
Paula Cox
Prison Staff
Reydon Reckor
Rhonda Green
Rick Dahlenburg
Roger Sharry
Roy Ellis
Roy Findley
Shirley Dawson
Steve Elmore
Terrin, Lauren & Bryker Fontenot
Terry Ivey
TJ Wilkerson
Vanna Buckland
Vivian Moore
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Extended Prayer Concerns:
Buck Austin			Charlotte Majors
Carrie Wilson & Family			Iva Lambert
Last Words to Live By:
“Keep the Faith”